The goal and limitation of Scrum.


  1. Adapt changing.Scrum holds one hypothesis is that the demand is vague and hard to phrase. So that Scrum make the user see a half-done project or a prototype of the project so as to get a clear mind of that they are actually looking for.
  2. Quick iteration.As software development is pacing up, the faster of the release, the more potential of acquiring market gain. The best practice is release five times with each 20 features other than one time with 100 following 5 internal milestones. It is quite normal drop features in release.

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Scrum in a Nutshell

Recently I’ve been talking with friends who are looking for jobs in roles of software developer and tester. They felt a little bit sick on the words agile and scrum. Despite of the specific language requirements in each of the job description, the most common requirement or expectation is that be familiar with agile concepts. So what is scrum?

Scrum is a subset of Agile. It is a lightweight process framework for agile development, and the most widely-used one. An agile Scrum process benefits the organization by helping it to Continue reading Scrum in a Nutshell